A downloadable game for Windows

Dreamer's Tomb is a procecedurally generated 2D roguelike.

This game is still a prototype. Main goal of this project is to create an endless dungeon runner with high replay value.

This is very basic version of the game, just proof of concept. Any bug reports or suggestions are more than welcome! Please leave a comment or contact me @valentin_f01 .


  • W, A, S, D to move
  • Hold Left mouse button to shoot arrows
  • Hold Right mouse button to charge special attack
  • E to dodge enemies

Current version: 004

Patch notes and updates: dreamerstomb.tumblr.com


Dreamer's Tomb 004.zip 4 MB


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Bug: at stage 5, there was nothingness, and then I died.


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Fun game!

I like the look!

But option to change dash direction into the way you're walking would be nice; Often, I dash where I'm shooting when I want to dash back.

Also, bars that show when the next arrow is coming out, or when you can dash again would be nice.

Otherwise, nice!

P.S. the dash animation is pretty funny, tho :)